Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pie or Pizza?

So, needless to say if you haven't noticed I am totally behind on Blogging. Not because I forgot, BUT we all got sick. Apparently we had been hit by the Adenovirus (at least that is what the doctor "thinks" that Bella was sick with). Well Bella & Daddy were sick, then Jerrick and Mommy got sick too...

Well so knowing how Mommy was sick and wasn't feeling too well Daddy took care of dinner that night!

Bella went to bed herself that night, she was sound asleep before the "pie" man got here to deliver our "pie". Apprently out here pizza is called "pie". So needless to say when the guy showed up at my door asking if we had ordered some "pie", I was like ?

Doesn't look like Jerrick had any objections...

Pizza always goes down better when you wash it down with a little milk?

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