Sunday, October 3, 2010

How Do You Like Them Apples?

So, today we went to a Fall Harvest to check out the pick your own apples! They had lots of stuff todo there, from a corn maze, to pick your own pumpkins and a bounce house for the kids...

Jerrick inside the Bouce House

Bella inside the Bouce House

We then went on a Hayride, which I didn't really get any pictures of...  After the Hayride, we decided to head on over the the Apple Orchard to pick our Apples.

Here is one of our little helpers! Jerrick was busy sleeping at this point.

In the end we managed to pick a whole basket full of apples, which was 27lbs and it only cost us $6.00!

Now to make some apple pie and enjoy it with some ice cream!

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  1. I think someone is in love with her new camera... love the pics of the kiddos looks like they had a blast.