Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bug's Picnic Party

Yes! This post is LATE. Yet again I have done a very bad job in keeping this blog updated, there are so many reasons. However one of the reasons, is not because I forget - it more that life here has been slightly busy.

So... FINALLY, I am going to update you all a little.

Bug celebrated her 6th birthday recently, it is really hard to believe how time flies. It is amazing to think how 6 years have flown by and my little girl is not only turning 6, but will be going to Kindergarten (open house was on her actual birthday)...

In thinking about what Bug likes, we decided to go with a Picnic theme party for her because she loves eating watermelon and going swimming.

I somehow got the idea to make a watermelon picnic basket to hold the watermelon in.

Needless to say we invited some friends over to enjoy the swimming pool with her.

Here are all her friends enjoying a picnic with her. BBQ chicken, potato chips, watermelon and Soda Pop. Every chance Bug gets she loves to ask for soda, lol! Chicken and potato chips are some of her favorite foods too, she has come a long way in trying/eating new foods in the past year.

Of course no party is complete without cake and ice cream...

I decided with all the little ones and the kids, to bake the cake mix into cupcakes and then frost them into little watermelons. Figured that it would cut down on the mess and you can't fight over who gets a bigger piece of cake etc...

Bug really loved it when all her friend's sang "Happy Birthday" to her. She loves to sing that song, even when it is NOT her birthday.

This little one didn't really care of the ice cream much, but she approves of the watermelon cupcakes, lol!

Happy Birthday, Bug. We love you!

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